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Welcome to the new normal. Live streaming events is not new but its definitely trending given the events of 2020. We think it's important that we stay connected and remind ourselves of the reasons we do have to celebrate. The upside to Virtual and Hybrid Events are numerous but here are our favourites;

    Social distancing of course, safety first. Less scheduling conflicts means Optimum attendance; Guests from across the world can attend. Re-purpose your recordings on social media and of course, you can keep costs down.

Once you confirm the entertainment package that best suits your needs, our production team will take you through the rest of the details, we've got you covered.


Events that take place entirely online.


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For events and outdoor festivals that have a semi-live element and online attendance.


Ask about our Party Bus Package.

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VR & Holography

For Virtual Reality and Holography enquiries please


For Virtual Reality and Holography enquiries please

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These are events that take place entirely online.

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